PG&E used the ASTM standards for rating building functionality to develop new design guidelines for service centers - including the offices, shops, and yards. Requirements profiles were developed and service centers were rated. Both functionality requirements and repairs and alterations requirements are being incorporated into the portfolio management system to refine processes for budgeting and planning for all real estate decisions.

At the Chevron campus in San Ramon, CA, the ASTM standards were used to rate 15 buildings and develop requirement profiles as a basis for establishing performance standards for an out-sourced facility management group. The reports were used to determine deficiencies in building performance and allocate necessary funds for improvements.

The University of Southern California applied the ASTM process as a tool for determining the best use of available space. By developing requirement profiles for two different administrative groups and comparing the profiles to the rating of the space, the University was able to determine which group would operate the most productively with the least number of upgrades.


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