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Ann Brotherton Mohr, CID

With twenty years of experience in commercial interior planning, design and maintenance assessment, Ms. Mohr has been working extensively with ST&M® for more than five years. In addition to working with the Serviceability scales, she has assisted in writing supplementary scales for new applications. Her contributions include the development of the Building Condition scales which are in the process of being edited and submitted to ASTM (American Society of Testing and Materials) where she is taking an active role in the standardization process. Ms. Mohr is an active member of IFMA and a Certified Designer in the State of California where she received the IIDA Calibre Award in 1996 for Facility Resources.

Nancy Sanquist, IFMA Fellow, CFM
Ms. Sanquist brings extensive global experience in real estate and facility management and alternative workplace strategies. Her more than fifteen years of experience include the development and implementation of consolidation plans, facility audits and condition assessments, capital investment strategies, computer-integrated facility management strategies, and disaster recovery plans. She has been on the forefront of using technology to improve the linkage between architecture, real estate and facility management, from early design contributions for the first mainframe CAFM software to her significant involvement in the development of infrastructure software products.

Andy Fuhrman
Andy Fuhrman has over 20 years construction experience as a field superintendent on high tech fast-track tenant improvements, clean rooms, and office and manufacturing projects in the Silicon Valley. He has been a member of the Facilities Committee of the Silicon Valley Manufacturing Group (SVMG), and Joint Venture: Silicon Valley Network (JV:SVN), which has been working on developing the region-wide Smart Permitting program. His background includes being an I.C.B.O. certified building inspector, President of IFMA International's Computer Application Council and currently sits on the American Institute of Architects (AIA) Facility Management - Professional Interest Area Advisory Board. Fuhrman has been an avid speaker about technology and infrastructure management at IFMA, AMA and AIA events throughout North America.

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