Determine the Best Location for an Operating Division

In today's business climate, user requirements change constantly. Divisions grow, companies are acquired, and unprofitable units are eliminated. Businesses with multiple facilities often must answer questions such as: "which location is best for this division?" or "which division would be the best one to locate in this space?"

An FPI rating of the capability of each facility can be compared to the Requirement Profile to show which is the optimum fit for each division or work group. This process can eliminate unneeded upgrades, reduce political pressures, contribute to better productivity, improve employee morale and insure the best value from real estate investments.

Get the Facilities You Need
Gain the Advantage in Real Estate Negotiations
Determine the Best Location for an Operating Division
Standardize Architectural Programming
Evaluate Proposed Plans
Make Better Capital and Maintenance Budget Decisions
Establish Service Level Setpoints

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